Friday, September 23, 2016

Our Great Class

Our Great Class Fall EDTC 4001

There is an advantage in having a class with high enrollment--- you have more protection when strange and threatening people barge into your classroom. This past week, a misguided young man stormed our classroom with a strongly worded political message. What he doesn't understand is that no one, really, is persuaded with obscenities. 

This report in the LATimes is an example of crude politics associated with Campaign 2016. I certainly am in support of free speech, but let's get it right. Attention little boy in the article--- I don't recall seeing a female dog in heat included in any of primaries. Teachers, it is up to you, along with parents, we must guide children into civil, intelligent, and thorough fact finding when involved in politics. It is a challenge these days, but educators and well-informed parents are the most likely to make a difference. 

Nicaraguan child proudly displays her coloring sheet.
As you already know, 4001 is all about using technology and digital resources in the K12 classroom. But, even the slickest gadget is useless if students are disorderly, noisy, and not paying attention.

 I love it when 4001 students shared useful strategies for classroom management. Here is a great idea shared in one our class's recent blogs.

As I recall, every class is different, every student unique. There is no panacea for classroom management. But, with persistence and careful attention to the needs of the children, you will eventually find what works for your class. For me, it was a little hampster in a cage used as a reward for good behavior. For others, it is a soft voice and a continual reminder that "we are a family and we respect one another". For others, "caughtcha being good points" to be traded at the end of the week for treats. 

The young women who lead the programs for the children in Granada, Nicaragua used the reward system. Children who completed special projects, listened attentively, and were respectful of others earned treats a the end of the week.

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